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The Girl in the Spider’s Web Bests Original

Gone are the flashy Hollywood cast, overly long runtime, and slow-burn drama that embodied director David Fincher’s 2011 version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Seven years passed, and two books were skipped, before the next film adaption of best-selling Millennium series hit theaters. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which is the fourth book in the series, serves as a solid sequel to Dragon Tattoo and reboots the Sony-MGM franchise. Spider’s Web is an action-crime thriller that substitutes the nudity in the original for adventure sequences that put titular character Lisbeth Salander front and center.

The nice thing about Spider’s Web is that it reintroduces viewers into the world of Millennium and attracts new audiences by not needing to know the events of Dragon Tattoo beforehand. Computer hacker extraordinaire Lisbeth and journalist Mikael Blomkvist, now played by Claire Foy and Swedish native Sverrir Gudnason respectively, are forced into action when a mystery terrorist group steals an already-stolen computer program that controls missile launches across the globe from Lisbeth. Unlike Dragon TattooSpider’s Web puts Mikael in the background to allow Foy to shine as Lisbeth. The missing backstory on the main character that didn’t appear in Dragon Tattoo helps give Lisbeth more depth in Spider’s Web.

Foy does a nice job of taking over the reins from Rooney Mara and doesn’t miss a beat in copying the surly hacker’s vibe. In a little over a year, Foy has proven that she can act in any genre from period drama films and TV (First Man and The Crown) to horror (Unsane) and now action. I did like the casting of Gudnason to replace Daniel Craig because Gudnason brings more authenticity to the Swedish adaptation. Sylvia Hoeks joins the cast as Lisbeth’s sister, Camilla, which would have had a better impact if this wasn’t the first film to feature her. The main cast is rounded out by Lakeith Stanfield as an NSA agent with some very helpful skills.

Spider’s Web is an entertaining thriller and could set the stage for an interesting film franchise. However, unless the film starts to catch fire internationally, this reboot will be short lived due to its low first weekend box office haul. While I’ll admit that I don’t know a ton about the Millennium series, I did enjoy Spider’s Web a lot more than Dragon Tattoo and could understand what the actors were saying this time around thanks to less fake accents. One thing is for sure: whether Lisbeth Salander’s story continues to play out on the big screen or not, Foy has a bright future in the industry.

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Logan Lucky Brings Back the Classic Steven Soderbergh Heist

It has been some time since director Steven Soderbergh has graced the silver screen with one of his brilliant films. With the release of Logan Lucky, Soderbergh is officially back and better than ever with another brilliant heist. It is a shame that Logan Lucky isn’t doing very well in the box office, especially since the film has an all-star cast, quirky comedy, and is incredibly well-written. I was pleasantly surprised with how great Logan Lucky is and never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did.

Logan Lucky displays the typical crazy Soderbergh heist story. After a long line of family curses, two petty crime families decide to team up and rob Charlotte Motor Speedway during NASCAR’s biggest race, the Coca-Cola 600. In order to execute the heist, brothers Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde (Adam Driver) Logan team up with their sister Mellie (Riley Keough), incarcerated felon Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), and his brothers Fish (Jack Quaid) and Sam (Brian Gleeson), along with a slew of assorted friends. The heist itself is a brilliant plan that makes for a really interesting story. Add in the awkward, subtle comedy and excellent acting and you’ve got yourself one heck of an enjoyable film.

The story works really well and never lulls. The screenplay is one of the best of the summer and manages to create a perfect blend of dramatic, comedic, and thrilling moments. Other than the way the story plays out, the comedy is the best part of the script. There are a lot of subtleties laced throughout the scenes, which makes the film hilarious. I wasn’t expecting Logan Lucky to be a comedy, let alone for any comedy to work. There is just something about the way that the comedy is presented that just made me giggle throughout the whole film.

The acting is also very solid, and the West Virginian accents were smooth throughout the film. I was surprised that a cast full of people without southern accents was able to keep the accents up so well. Tatum and Driver are a great duo, and their characters are hilarious. Craig is the best of the bunch with some wild acting, along with crazy bleach blonde hair. Joe Bang is a very different role for Craig, and he should be talked about more for his great work in Logan Lucky. Katie Holmes was also great in her background role as Tatum’s ex, who is a rich pageant mother. Keough is a stand out as the youngest Logan sibling, as was Seth MacFarlane in the unrecognizable bit role of Max Chilblain.

There really isn’t anything not to love about Logan Lucky. It is a fun heist film that will keep you guessing as to how everything will turn out. The huge cast, great writing, fantastic directing, and a splash of comedy combine for a very fun film. It really is too bad that the film isn’t getting a ton of press and didn’t have a great marketing campaign because it is too good not to be seen.

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