Disney has always destroyed the competition when it comes to animated films, and they can boast once again that they can make a sequel that is every bit as good, if not better, than the original. Six years after its release, the team that created Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t miss a beat with Ralph Breaks the Internet. The new film is doused in everyday comedy that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. There’s a lot happening in every moment of Ralph Breaks the Internet, which helped the filmmakers nail the theme. It’s going to be hard for anyone to hate this family film.

When the Sugar Rush video game breaks, former “villain” Ralph (John C. Reilly) and best friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) turn to their arcade home’s newly installed internet for help in finding a replacement part to keep the latter’s game from getting shut down forever. The antics run higher in the sequel, which switches its focus from nostalgia to mining laughs from the latest and greatest aspects on the internet that people can’t get enough of. Watching Ralph and Vanellope attempt to navigate the vast amount of websites and services available online is a whole lot of fun. Remember how we all used to, and still might, stumble around the internet trying to find that perfect deal or search result? Ralph Breaks the Internet takes advantage of the shared cultural response of the worldwide web to keep viewers engaged with the story.

The script of this film is incredibly clever. From the way that certain websites are depicted to how the characters trip over pronunciations like eBay, Ralph Breaks the Internet has plenty of wit and charm. There are endless metaphors and life lessons swirling throughout this film, and unlike most Disney movies, they tend to be more subtle and less likely to be noticed on first thought while consuming the film. I loved that the film covers all parts of the endless internet to give audiences as realistic of a look at the setting as possible. It also helps that plenty of the biggest companies are showcased.

Speaking of clever, Disney is pretty serious when it comes to all of their properties and what can and can’t be said about them, so it was wonderful to finally see one of their movies be allowed to riff the whole company with no holds barred. Vanellope’s visit to the wildly popular real website Oh My Disney is easily the best part of the entire film. The little nuances in the scene are amazingly dead on with how people see all things Disney. Naturally, the first time all of the Disney princesses make an appearance together in a single film is the highlight of Ralph Breaks the Internet. There are two fantastically executed scenes with the famed princesses that do not disappoint and will leave you dying of laughter. While heavily teased in the trailers, these scenes are so much more perfect when seen in full. Plus, if you know the famous themes and keep your ears pealed, you will hear a wonderful mashup of some of the best Disney music in a scene towards the end of the film.

Being able to make several jokes about their most popular characters shows just how much growth Disney as a company has done. The way that the comedy around what the princesses do and represent is presented is absolutely perfect. The fact that Vanellope even gets her own hilarious proper princess song, with the music created by the one and only Alan Menken, makes the film that much more self-aware, as do the two post-credits scenes. All in all, the comedy really never stops and helps drive the plot. Ralph Breaks the Internet is visually engaging and perfect for any age, young or old.  Some of the story elements, like how Ralph manages to actually break the internet, are a little dull, but the film is an overall homerun. Disney’s streak of releasing a truly great film in November/for Thanksgiving weekend continues on, as Ralph Breaks the Internet has the means to become a bona fide hit.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia