With a mostly disappointing year on the comedy front, I don’t think anybody expected much from Girls Trip, especially after the train wreck that was Rough Night. I certainly didn’t expect Girls Trip to have a very realistic story, display a good amount of emotional range, and have many comedic moments outside of what the trailers showed. So, to say that I was pleasantly surprised is the best way to describe the film, as it is much better than it appears. There is one actress to thank for making the film enjoyable, and breakout star Tiffany Haddish should have a bright future with the success of Girls Trip.

Unlike most of the comedies that have been released this year, Girls Trip has a lot of positive elements. First and foremost, Haddish contributes 95% of the humor and makes the most of her first major film role. Best known for her role on NBC’s The Carmichael Show, Haddish brings the right amount of sass, improvisation, and over-the-top acting to her character, Dina. As ridiculous as the character may seem at first, Dina is the driving force of the film. Without Haddish, Girls Trip would have dragged. The rest of the main cast of Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, and Jada Pinkett Smith added a lot in the drama department, but they weren’t very funny.

Speaking of drama, one of Girls Trip’s strengths is its ability to go beyond being a comedy and having a serious story under the humor. Hall is in a fake marriage to her former college lover, played by Mike Colter, and only stays with her cheating husband to make their brand more profitable as an author and celebrity couple. The controlling relationship fleshes out in a way one wouldn’t expect in a traditional comedy, and it made for a realistic story that can be relatable. The dark undertones of Girls Trip allow for a more positive message of female empowerment, which is successfully transmitted in the female-led comedy.

While the story is extremely predictable, there is a plot that isn’t farfetched, which is rare for a comedy these days. The only negative aspect of the story is that the characters are overly exaggerated in the personality department, and they can be a bit annoying at times. Some of the dramatic scenes are longer than they should be, and the running time of two hours is a bit much. The film is quite inappropriate at times, but that leads to a lot of good comedy. However, I don’t think I can ever look at a grapefruit the same way again.

Girls Trip is an entertaining ride that surprises in more than one way. It is a much better film than I anticipated, and I wound up liking it despite thinking that it wouldn’t be funny. I hope this film sparks Haddish’s career because she is hilarious and should get more leading roles. Girls Trip might be one of the summer movie season’s last hoorahs, and it is worth watching. With an interesting story and a lot of comedy, Girls Trip will put a smile on your face.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia