I can sum up everyone’s thoughts of Baby Driver in one short phrase: Edgar Wright is a genius. The fact that writer/director Wright isn’t a household name needs to change because his films keep getting better and better. Baby Driver is easily his best all-around film to date. The choreography, integration of music and sound effects into the story, and the stellar stunt driving combine for the summer’s best action film that is absolutely brilliant from beginning to end.

Baby Driver is an excellent film for many reasons, with some hard to put into the right words. The plot centers on getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort), who keeps getting roped into jobs by Atlanta’s top criminal boss, Doc (Kevin Spacey). Life gets more complicated for Baby when he falls for waitress Debora (Lily James), who is immediately threatened by Doc and his crew (Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Eiza González). As the lines between right and wrong and crime and justice get fuzzy, Baby does whatever it takes to escape his life of crime. The story is take it or leave it, but the other aspects of the film are incredibly strong.

For starters, the acting is very enjoyable. Elgort is fantastic as the lead. His minimal dialogue allows for his body language and emotions to shine. His rock-out moments to the killer soundtrack are very enjoyable and add a lot to the character. Hamm is the perfect villain, which was a nice change of pace for him. His scenes with Foxx were great as well. Spacey is as good as ever, and he never disappoints.

The action choreography mixed with the music effects is the best part of the film. It is difficult to describe how Wright combines the script and action with the soundtrack. Every movement, moment, and line of dialogue corresponded beautifully with the accompanying music. The best example is the heist scene where “Tequila” is playing and guns are fired to mimic the beat and rhythm of the song. The music plays a major role in Baby Driver and is a character itself. It was amazing how well the music was integrated into the script.

The accompanying choreography was fantastic as well. The one-shot opening sequence was great and showcased some of the film’s best directing. Wright’s directing was fantastic and should be remembered during the upcoming award season. I was blown away by his creative process and the fact that he was able to create all of the driving scenes practically.

There really isn’t anything to dislike about Baby Driver. The pacing doesn’t falter, the acting is solid, and the entire film is a masterful piece of art. The hype is absolutely true for this film, and it is an incredibly enjoyable ride that anyone can enjoy. Spend your money on an excellent film this summer and see Baby Driver. You won’t be disappointed.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia